"The glass can be half empty or half full.....

....as long as there's whiskey in it."

So bit of a personal update to break up the numerous photo posts of watches and such.

This week I celebrated my 34th birthday. I've said many times that I have never been happier than right now, being in my 30s. I basically have it all. I literally feel guilty for ever having any notion of wanting something more in my life. The only possible yearning comes from the need to be closer to my Brother's, their families and the lives they live. In time.....

Of course there's always material wants, never needs. And I need to remember to keep these in check. They do not come close to the fact I'm in good health, as are my family.

That I have a job that I'm not only awesome at, but that I really enjoy. I've woken up every working day for the last 2.5 years eager to put in a good 8 hours and I don't see that changing any time soon.

I live in a great house, in a safe village, with excitement just a short train ride away if desired. The opportunities to enjoy those exciting times with good friends.

That we have a stable (mentally? umm where's the remote today..?) support system at home taking care of us and the kids when we need it, and when we don't.

I could go on and on, and I will when I say my prayers tonight, and forever.

So, 34, what's changed?

Physically, well, few more white hairs in the beard. Even thinner on top of my head, if that is in any way possible. But, still fit enough to wrestle with the kids and go for a jog now and then. I know there's more in me if I wanted to do something about it. I might just see.

And mentally, I have my moments of..........what was I saying? Oh, yeah right. I have more moments of clarity than not. I mostly see the bigger picture. Things change all the time and now I notice them more. I'm grateful for that.

And from the outide looking in? You tell me. I still listen to the same ish I always listned to. Still dress the same. Still getting inked. Still like a drink. Still have the important goals and dreams that run thick in my blood.

If the reaper came for me now, I'd have reason to be pretty happy with what I've achieved. Done with the help of my loved ones, despite the struggles that others have enforced. But I'd tell him to go knock on someone else's door. I'm not even close to being done.

Wifey needs her man, my babies need their Daddy, and let's face it the world needs Bossman. And Bossman needs, well, not a lot more than what surrounds me now. End of.

Having said all that, paypal works for me people, if you're feeling generous. Much love to all my family and friends, and anyone who cares. We're all nothing without each other. Think about it.