Touch Screen

 I bloody love the internet, and I love shopping. So it stands to reason that I love shopping online.  Actually I love window (should that read 'browser') shopping more than actually parting with money.

 There are drawbacks however, mainly sizing issues from brands you've not bought from before. Also buying anything scented is a big risk. I've bought beard oils online having tried samples first, that is cost effective and works a treat. And often websites have size charts that are useful.

 However not everywhere offers samples, and sometimes you just want to see and touch the product before you even consider reaching for your wallet. So it's sucks when I come across new things online that get my all amped up and interested, then realising I have to search for a local stockist.

 Fortunately this is London, and if your brand isn't represented here then most likely you are doing something wrong. Sure, I don't have any money but there are plenty of people with disposable incomes around here.

 I'm a fan of jewellery and cologne, and I am very choosy often preferring to stick to one scent for as long as possible and supporting jewellers I'm friends with. Today I came across the following whilst browsing the usual haunts of Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, Fressnessmag and SlamXHype. Really these guys give me all I could ever want or need in terms of "Shit you want but can't afford to buy". Thanks.


 Hypebeast interviewed Serge Muller of Mad Lords here. Essentially they offer pieces from a number of artists, but there own range called Tuaregs by Mad Lords stands out for me. It's well worth clicking each and every page in all product sections to get a feel for what this company is about. You won't be disappointed, except maybe by the cost. But good jewellery isn't cheap and cheap jewellery isn't good. The piece that did it for me is the MEN’S SILVER LEAF BRACELET WITH DIAMONDS described by Mad Lords and seen below -
The nobility of Tuaregs inspired Mad Lords a collection of precious bracelets. Hammered or stamped with patterns so rare such as leaves, our tuareg bracelets are carved into the most valuable silver with a choice between an oxidation patina or the brightness of a pure and shiny material. Because we had to bring the expertise of an ancient tribal art to what jewellers find most precious, we offer these bracelets delicately accented with diamonds at the ends. In a bid to match all possible shades, you can choose these diamonds in white or black. You can add 2 to 4 pure gems to your silver tuareg totem. Your tuareg bracelet will be a passport for a long journey, from one oasis to the other.

D.S. & Durga

 Whilst browsing the Goodhood site and their latest selection I found these beautifully bottled colognes. Their own website is pretty clean and informative. Also thankfully they have stockists in the UK meaning I can go and have a sniff at my leisure. I suggest reading their story, it's a good one and the duo although young definitely aren't lacking in confidence or expertise. Browsing their collection of scents (both genders) is actually quite fun and you need to really think about what represents you best. They offer an easy to follow guide that really helps narrow down the options. The descriptions and wording are an intellectual's (read 'geek') wet dream. I hope to follow up on this with a smell test in the coming weeks. I'm hoping I'm a FREETRAPPER or possibly a bit of MISSISSIPPI MEDICINE man. Peace.