Saw this campaign, FEEL THE WARMTH, from Uniqlo UK with Centrepoint via my Twitter feed today. Looks very good, strikes me as fairly limited in numbers actually being donated but hey it doesn't cost you anything, just a RT. Do it.

UNIQLO will donate 1000 pieces of HEATTECH to all
participants at the annual Centrepoint Sleep Out taking place on 7 November,
which aims to raise awareness of youth homelessness.
I wore HEATTECH long johns quite a lot last winter, and hope to buy another couple of pairs this year. They look and feel great, and for those less shallow they also do exactly what they promise below.

These camouflage long johns are quick-drying, anti-odour and heat-generating. Made with stretch waffle fabric, they offer all-day comfort.

I suggest you get some to wear for those chilly days, I hear they are great as running tights under a pair of shorts too for the brave. A real bargain at £12.90 each, get them here!

I have very strong feelings about protecting children, and about helping the homeless. I currently support the NSPCC and am looking to start supporting Shelter from my next pay check. This years Emergency Christmas Appeal states that 5,000 more children are homeless at Christmas than last year. That really is shocking.

It is impossible to not notice the homeless in London. I wish I had the balls to strike up a conversation with the few I regularly see on my way to work every day. Honestly though I don't know what we'd talk about. All I want is for their life to be more comfortable and for them to be safe. You don't need to talk to convey that message, at least I hope that's the case.

In the past I have had direct contact with the homeless by offering water, clothing, shoes and food. I do prefer to let the charity organizations to do the good work they do, but sometimes instant action is required. We had some very hot days this past summer, and it takes it's toll. I urged people to give water, a necessity for all humans. Now that winter is almost upon us I urge people to give warmth to those that need it. Whether it be clothing, coats, hats, scarves, gloves, a cup of coffee, do something to change someone's situation. Even if only temporary it does make a difference, and seeing it happen could (no it SHOULD) encourage others to do it too.

I think the homeless should have their stories told. There are photographers on London Bridge pretty much daily, shooting for God only knows what. Instead of spending money on look books, adverts and associated marketing shit, why can't we spend more on helping those in need. SanctionedTV on YouTube have a playlist well worth viewing which highlights just one way to get these stories out there. Click HERE.

Whether it's by choice or circumstance, they need our help. If there ever was a time to start caring, and giving, then surely Christmas is that time. Peace.