Whilst my brother-from-another takes a well deserved  winter break from his blog NAGOYA YOM , I will take up the reigns somewhat with my very own BOSS LIKES series.

 I will dedicate my selections to quality and inevitably never to own items. I hope my choices live up to the standards set by James.

 Let's kick this series off with the - Buzz Rickson Sweatshirt U.S.N. Skull ('VF 17/ JOLLY RODGER')

 This revised fit, 4 needle/ loop wheel constructed sweat shirt is slightly longer in the body, and slightly lighter weight than the previous model. Still using now obsolete looms capable of weaving a perfect tube, these tough and good looking sweats won’t go out of shape, or twist like the double seam modern sweats of today.
 Entirely constructed in Japan from expertly manufactured materials and techniques long forgotten by the throw away fashion market.

 I've been a fan of Buzz Rickson and military inspired reproduction pieces for a while now, the sweatshirts in particular. This comes in three colours - Red, Olive and Black. It's impossible to choose between them. Oh ok then the black. I'll take a size Medium if you please.

 On first look these seem pricey at £139.50, but they will last forever and outlive any trend past, present and future. Whilst you are at it why not pop in this years catalogue at a cool £5. Peace.

Item description and photos courtesy of American Classics.