There is absolutely nothing from Bounty x Hunter that I don't love. Apart from the prices. But that's fair enough. If I had the bones I'd pull the trigger on so much every season, then it wouldn't be as awesome would it? Yes? Yeah it probably would still.

They've released their AW13 collection and as expected it's lots of Black and White goodness, with some Reds and Blues thrown in for good measure across flannels and bandanas. Alongside NEIGHBORHOOD their styling is heavily influenced by motorcycle culture and being a pure bad-ass. I would go as far as saying that Bounty x Hunter though less extensive a collection, is a more wearable product. I like that they keep to the basic design and fit because it works.

I could list everything but won't, instead just showcase the few bits I might be able to afford, if I sell an internal organ.

BxH Skull Leather Glove - £75

BxH Skull Paisley Bear - £45

BxH Skull Paisley Tumbler - £20

BxH Black Gauze Bath Towel - £30

BxH Paisley Bandanna - £15

BxH Logo Lighter - £3

I would consider all of these accessories pretty reasonably priced to be honest. Easily able to incorporate into everyday use as well, apart from the bear but that's just a bit of fun. Of course you need to add shipping and proxy fees on top. And God forbid HM Customs get wind of your package or you are done for.

I suppose if you are buying Bounty X Hunter then you shouldn't be worried about the costs involved. If you are picking very select pieces because of a budget it makes it more difficult for sure. I do love those gloves, and the lighter and bandana would go into my collections nicely.

Just a thought, wonder if I could get enough from selling my first born to be able to afford this?

BxH Raleigh Vintage Leather Jacket - £530

Once again the price seems totally justifiable considering the quality and details on this jacket. Look at the size of those zips! Bloody brilliant and a real reflection on the earliest of motorcycle jackets with the slanted front zip and belts. There are fashion brand jackets going for double and triple that price tag that are far less interesting.

I really do wish I was able to get the BxH X HFCC collaboration t-shirt designed by Zach Shuta that released a while back. It's truly epic when brands you admire work together.

I suggest going to the online store and checking everything out for yourself. I don't know if it's on purpose but the site is so basic it's a little worrying. Still, the product shines and really what more do you need? Till next time. Peace.