♪When You've Got So Much To Say....

....It's called Gratitude, and that's right.♪(Beastie Boys)

You should know I'm a fan of the 'mash-up' by now. It kinda sucked to read that an artist I respect is tired of hearing that term, especially when he is so AWESOME at creating the best examples of it. I can understand where he's coming from but also I think when done right then there is no end to the joy it can bring.

And I'm not just talking about music. Same principle applies in life with your family, friends, work, everything.

I've been thinking about this topic for a while and trying to figure out what I was trying to say with it. All this stuff makes perfect sense to me in my head, but I try and make it relate to all of you too. We're all kindred spirits and if you think we aren't then you're reading the wrong blog! Hurry! Run!

There is no greater group/band than the Beastie Boys for staying true to themselves whilst delivering a multitude of styles throughout the years. The song 'Gratitude' from the Check Your Head album has been playing in my mind over and over whilst I've collected my thoughts and ideas about this post.

On first listen it can come across as simplistic. Sure it sounds repeatitive to a point and ok even the music and lyrical style doesn't seem to match. What can Ad Rock possibly be saying in just two verses? ♪♪"Good times gone, and you missed them"♪♪. The lyrics are profound and the music deftly layered. And don't get me started on the video... Listen again, and I hope you hear what I hear.

Ok first things first, only in reverse order if you don't mind actually...... today I was thinking about all the things I'd like to change in my life. All of them are what I view as self improvements. All of them steps to becoming closer to God. I won't pretend to you that my relationship with God is a normal one. Far from it. But it's real, and I owe everything to Him. (be honest how many of you have the cursor hovering over the X in the top right corner now?)

I want to thank him for my health, my family, all of His favours and blessings.

This isn't about preaching or converting any of you. It's about me. There's some things I want to do, for example to stop swearing, to compliment and say "thank you" more to those deserving of it, to stop being an asshole just because someone else has been an asshole. These things sound easy right? That's where you're wrong.
And I understand if you have feelings about people who talk about things they wanna do or are fixin'ta do on the WWW and you may even think they just like the attention and hearing themselves type. (<--see what I did there? For the record it sounds like an elephant is trampolining on my keyboard as I hammer out sentences with just three fingers and a thumb)

But I'm asking you to look at it another way. You're here because you give a damn, like it or not. I'm reaching out to my family, friends and peers and asking for your support. And not forgetting that I'm giving you the nod to bring this up in the future, if you've grown weary of lifting me back up when I fall off. Do feel free to insert your boot into my ass and remind me.

I want to do more in the name of the Lord, in His likeness and His name. I don't mean donning a cheap suit, slicking my hair back and climbing up on a stage. (erm growing my beard long maybe?) I mean by treating people with respect, with decency and doing what I believe to be right even in the face of adversity and ridicule. All with a means to being a better Man, Father and Husband. With the goal of raising my children to be the best, most satisfied and happiest human beings that they can be.

Now here is where this links up.

I'm reaching a fairly pivotal point in my career right about now. I've spent the last ten months trying to prove to the company that I'm the Boss. That I have the the ability, the passion and skill to not only do what has to be done but do it with style and exceed expectations. No matter what is asked of me by my superiors, none of it can ever amount to what I ask of myself on a constant basis. It means that much to me right now, and for my future.

I'm finally posting this (when I'm shattered and should be in bed) now because I'm finding work to be extremely difficult and stressful. I'm doing a good job but I have a lot to learn and go through still. You know what come to think of it, it's a source of real PAIN PLEASURE actually. Gotcha there! Ok I do feel that ball of chaos grow in my chest at times, but the cure is the realisation that I have it so damn good. I'm blessed with so much. I'm in control of how I am, and who I choose to be. I work with a good bunch of people, for a Brand I believe in. Not only does it enable us to live the kind of life that makes us happy, I even got to buy those black leather VANS® Zapato Del Barco I've been eyeing for a week! Tell me that isn't amazing.

Sublime spoke nothing but the truth on so much of what they recorded and you can pick and choose a number of lines for instance ♪Life's too short so love the one you've got♪ and ♪Love is, what I've got, remember that♪.

Life is always going to be difficult. Face the challenges with the right attitude (and support) and blast right through to the other side. We all have it in us, and we can surround ourselves with the right souls to achieve anything we want.

Can I get an AMEN?

And as if it was fate, here's a mash-up of tracks from DoubleCheck Your Head by Max Tannone -

Beastie Boys - Doublecheck Your Head by Max Tannone