Recap, or is it?

I thought about a recap on 2010, then realised I have almost no recollection from all the months that have passed, so let's not go there.

Blogging has taken a back seat for me in the last month. Work has become very hectic, lots of new responsibilities, training and meetings. It's exactly what I signed up for so I'm not complaining. Just learning how to adapt and adjust so I can continue to do the things I love outside of the office. It is my intention to make necessary changes and really to become something of a great force within the company. Not just for myself, but the team I have been blessed with and anyone else who wishes to come on board. This has been viewed as 'ruffling some feathers'. So be it. Some times a good plucking is what's needed to take things forward!

This year my family did lose two beloved members. Maxine Joy Boswell, and Robert Gordon Boswell. I really couldn't have asked for better grandparents. Joy was the embodiment of Love and understanding. Bob was a believer in family who saw through the BS, and a great role model for his grandchildren. Both meant so much more to me than even I can fathom at this moment in time. I hope to someday fully realise just how their love and encouragement shaped me and kept me going no matter what the obstacles. The pure heart always knows even when the flawed mind struggles to accept.

Off the top of my head, stand out moments; My daughter turned 2. She is growing at phenomenal speed. Her ever increasing intellect, humour and complete love make me so proud. And she is following in her big brother's footsteps. My son just turned 4. He's a real little man. He's finding out about emotions and soaking up all the knowledge the world is offering to him. My aim is to ensure Love is abundant in our home and the kids are encouraged to be happy and enjoy whatever it is they choose to. So for now that's Peppa Pig and Monster Trucks! I couldn't begin to think of anything better than that!

My wife continues to surprise, support and strengthen me. My wish is to be able to offer something even a tiny bit close to what she gives me every single day. She'll modestly say it's nothing and that I give her what she needs, but there is always room for improvement. She's been a real inspiration having taken on and achieved something very commendable in the past 3 months, and I hope to find the courage and endurance she has shown in my own life changing plan for 2011.

My brothers continue to be my sources of knowledge and vision. My go to guys when things are both up and down. I can't possibly explain what they mean to me on here, I could never do the feelings the justice with mere words. We always are available for each other and never finish a talk or email without saying I love you.

If asked I would probably say that I do not have all that many friends. That would be grossly unfair to those that I've shared experiences, good and bad times with. The problem for me is perhaps the definition of a friend. More than that my part that is to be played in such a relationship. I wish to be a blessing to people, and I have people close to me that are indeed just that to both myself and my family. I hope to further strengthen what we have for the future. Facebook was something I really tried to avoid. However I can safely say that it has been a wonderful tool in bringing together the people I need in my life. So now I cannot possible say I have few friends, I have them in abundance and strive to be a good friend to them also.

Looking forward to 2011. My wish is for my family to stay healthy and continue to love and grow. I have a good ten months of solid work to put in at the office, at the end of which who knows what will happen. I will be celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary at the end of January. I hope to make the best use of time with loved ones that I can. I hope to never lose sight of what is important to me and my family. I plan to stay in the best of health, through physical fitness, diet and also spiritually. And I will endeavour to blog more and more. I enjoy the blogs I keep up with so much, and hope to be a page in cyberspace that people want to turn to and find entertaining.

So here's to all of you, may you find that all of your hard work and humanity take you higher and bring blessings beyond what you could ever imagine.