KAPITAL x MARVEL Collection Denim Westerner

Adrift in space with no food or water, Tony Stark sends a message to Pepper Potts as his oxygen supply starts to dwindle. Meanwhile, the remaining Avengers -- Thor, Black Widow, Captain America and Bruce Banner -- must figure out a way to bring back their vanquished allies for an epic showdown with Thanos -- the evil demigod who decimated the planet and the universe.

You can never accuse me of not being topical. The Atlantic called Avengers: Endgame the 'Perfect Goodbye', and for those not familiar with denim aficionados Kapital then this is the 'Perfect Hello'. I myself was not aware until a few years back when I caught glimpse of shorts worn by DJ Excel and from then I've done nothing but admire their work, mostly because of their ingenuity and attention to detail but also because I can't afford anything from their collections. 

Now I would be highly disappointed if you hadn't read the Avengers: Endgame synopsis above in the voice of the late great Don LaFontaine, in any case I suggest doing so when reading the brand biography taken from the Haven page HERE. For the rest of you Bodega sum up the brand in simpler terms - 

"Combining heritage-manufacturing styles borrowed from classic American workwear with traditional Japanese dyeing and weaving techniques, Kapital infuses tradition with new meaning, making it a highly inspirational brand."

Now having read either of those if you aren't even the least bit curious about what the brand does then I can't help you. However if you are interested in denim, comics and I suppose I should include spending a shit ton of money then the next part of this post is going to rock your World.

KAPITAL pairs with comic book conglomerate, Marvel Comics, for this deconstructed denim jacket capsule. Weathered chain-stitched patches embellish the well-wrought denim, with distinct depictions of Marvel superheroes and villains alike. Leather reinforced seams, military-inspired pins and star-shaped rivets create a multidimensional aesthetic. (Haven)

Whilst my knowledge of the Marvel Universe is notably limited my opinion as a fan is that in terms of original comic book character representation these are truly works of art. I can't think of a more fitting article of clothing to collaborate on, one that's as American as Steve Rogers, and if a denim jacket could be an Avenger it would have to be Captain America (despite the fact he actually wore leather). Some (including myself) might question the price tag as these jackets weigh in at approx. £4500 each and yet I'm certain there is someone that can justify the cost just as I am certain my bank account manager (and wife) would advise me against buying one of these.

So for now my admiration continues and I'm hoping I do something no matter how small to promote the fruits of Kapital's labour and pay homage to a movie I thoroughly enjoyed (despite Brie Larson's attempt to ruin it). I hope to see those with a more bountiful discretionary income than myself supporting the brand by wearing these because ultimately if you have the money it's gotta be spent on something, and if you're not having fun spending it then you're doing it wrong.

Both jackets are (perhaps not surprisingly) still available at Havenshop.

Postscript; In my research for this post I found that Hypebeast had images and details of the capsule in late 2017, and posted an article about the release in April of 2018 which means I haven't looked at Hypebeast for anything other than retrospectively for something like three years now.