3 is the magic number

So I didn't win any part of last weeks £166 Million Euro Millions Jackpot. And yet I still feel as though all my numbers and the bonus ball came up.

In terms of gigs this year I have been blessed with the chance to see three of my all time favourite bands / artists.

First off were Puddle of Mudd in a very intimate venue - Dingwalls. To be fair to them I was expecting a lot. There's not many bands that live and breathe Rock and Roll in the same way as these guys. I hoped they were going to show us that.

Having not seen them play Live before, they did that and more. Wesley displayed great emotion during some of the fans' favourites. TNT was a hit for the London crowd too. I was not disappointed in their energy, execution and they tore the roof off that little shack.

Next up for me will be House of Pain (minus DJ Lethal who I believe is touring with Limp Bizkit). I honestly thought the chance of seeing Danny Boy and Everlast was long gone, especially whilst still living in the UK. And yet they decided for the first time in twenty years to tour again. The European leg of their tour so far has looked to have been a blast. Mixing gigs with festivals, with the likes of Public Enemy no less. Watching updates on Twitter and Facebook from both guys.

My time comes on the 28th at Scala in London. You may have read this a few times, I can't help but be very excited about it. Will be interesting to see what type of crowd shows up, and how Danny and Erik throw down during what's likely to be their last gig in the UK as HOP. All the youtube clips so far have given testimony to their ability to completely rock a Mausoleum, back yard and Colosseum. I hope Scala has been warned.

They say good things come in threes right? Well then a colleague at work (happens to be a music fanatic himself) pointed out that the Greatest Band Ever (my words, not his) were doing a date in London. Also at a familiar to me, very convenient and extremely capable venue - Koko. If I thought I wasn't going to see House of Pain again, then I really can't describe just how slim the chances I'd given myself were to see the life changing sounds of Jane's Addiction.

It's no secret that I love Perry Farrell. The man, the musician, the father. To me, no man encompasses all things magical about music (and lyrics) more so than him. Whether it be with Jane's Addiction or Porno For Pyros. I never got on the Satellite Party train if I'm honest, something was lacking for me in spirit. Perhaps my musical soul was being fulfilled elsewhere at the time I just don't know. And yes I did try and try again. I could have wept at hearing the news they were here, and soon, to promote a new album. The only problem for me was that I'm the only real JA fan that I know of that would want to go. It would not have been a problem going Solo as I am to HOP, but I reached out to my bestest bud Mel and he kindly agreed to come rock out with me. He's good like that! And he may just fall in love with the band himself after this. Mel does indeed have impeccable taste.

So that really is just a brief update and an excuse to post up some photos. I hope to catch some video clips of the next two gigs. No matter what, I will be fulfilled like never before. My soul is aching at the prospect of being in the presence of people that altered my life and helped shape my preferences for many things as an adult.

I will do my best to say Thank You in person to the guys, but should that fail then there's always Twitter and Facebook to stalk them on!