Born Free?

No one can choose the family they are born into, that's a certified fact. Some are born privileged and with a responsibility they cannot shrug aside.

Friday April 29th marked the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. An event that I could hardly wait to avoid at whatever cost. I just didn't see the attraction. Sure I've followed the Princes growing up and have been interested in their careers in the British Armed Forces. I put that down to a generation thing, and because it seems to me that both William and Harry are down to earth guys doing what we'd all like to think we'd do in their position.

I have got to admit it took all of maybe 30 seconds watching events unfold on the TV and I was hooked. I loved watching it all play out, and I felt genuine happiness for the couple. The entire wedding served to prove that this country, and indeed the monarchy, has something to offer not only it's people, but even the World. The Royal Family stood up today and did itself proud, to all the nay sayers, moaners and whingers I ask when were you last proud of something GREAT Britain has done or achieved? (You need to get past 1966, seriously....) Military action and continued Allied support aside, this is going to take some beating.

As an American I think I'm supposed to fantasize about the Royals (not like that you freaks) and fairytale weddings from England. I don't. Wait, at least I didn't. Kate looked beautiful, and Big Willy stood tall, composed and dare I say handsome throughout. There is no way the emotions and genuine happiness the couple portrayed could be anything but from the heart. I respect that. We need more of that in our local communities and on a global scale too. Imagine the possibilities.

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I want to thank the happy couple for sharing their special day with the two billion of us, and bringing some joy to the times we are living in.

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