Rest In Power MCA

His style was wild and you know that it still is.

First things first along with many others I'm still deeply feeling the loss of Adam Yauch. I wont attempt to catalogue his achievements as these are readily available and not the point of this entry. It's become visibly obvious that he was more to so many than simply an entertainer. The world has lost a great man, and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.
The universe doesn't feel the same. I'm so grateful for the way his music, vision and humanity had a positive effect on me. There has never been a group like the Beasties, and I can't even comprehend anyone coming close. They took all the skill they possessed, combined it and used it for the power of good.

Whether it was a business suit, boiler suit or track suit MCA rocked it with finesse. I loved seeing him in a button down personally, grown man style.

I was slow to warm to the latest Beastie album, production was from another galaxy and I wasn't ready for it. However the music, delivery and message has worked its way into my soul. I was wondering which Beastie album I'd consider to be my favourite and I'm really at a loss to choose. Each has it's memories and reason or being on top, meaning I simply can't choose unless the criteria were more specific. Even then I feel I'd be unable to confidently choose.

I think I grew and matured along with the Beasties, all the while managing to keep the fun and crazy spirit alive. Everyone gets older, things change and it's all too easy to settle and in a lot of ways conform. Would love to hear some easy listening music whilst I watch this documentary on mortgages and sip a cup of bovril. Nah, that's just not me, or the wife and certainly not anyone else I know come to think of it.

I feel privileged to have experienced the musical development of such a great band. The Beasties long ago transcended from being rappers and each in their own right mastered instruments and paved ways for new adventures in sound. Together. That's worth noting. They didn't have to separate and attempt solo careers in order to diversify and grow. They shared the journey. Also they never 'sold out'. I can't readily think of any other group of artists who did this with such style and finesse, and accolades.
I know of no one that doesn't like the Beasties. Within rap, rock, punk, electric, old school, new school, cosmic, political and many more areas the Beasties are held in the highest esteem. And deservedly so. Above all by being great human beings, down to Earth, humble, hard workers, and clear and concise about what they stood for.

If you're looking for some Beastie flavour this summer get hold of this mix from Mick Boogie.

There have been a few notable tributes already and this one touched me particularly -  RETREAT  - from the graphic, message and causes supported make this a must. I suggest you buy one, and tell a friend.

There really isn't need for more words on this. My love and prayers go out to the rest of the guys, I miss you MCA. Beastie Boys forever. U N I T E.

Shout out to @zanelowe for his tribute show on BBC Radio One #truefan Peace.