Upcoming Attractions - 2013

I needed something to post that I could do on my lunch break today. I'd have been out running but my kit smells like a sewer and it's raining cats and dogs outside.

So instead here are some things I'm really looking forward to this year.

First up is the James Jarvis "Objects in Space" exhibition at Beach London Gallery. Having seen collaboration work from the London artists with brands like Nike, Stussy, Silas, Hello Kitty and Coka Cola (not to mention his range of lovable vinyl characters including Martin, Wiggs, Caleb and my favourite King Ken through Amos (R.I.P.)), it will be good to experience his own work up close and personal. I've been to Beach once before and it's a great space that will no doubt be filled with good people.

Following this I will be attending my first ever live MMA event with my brother, at the Watford Colesseum. We will be sat ringside so probably close enough to get blood splattered from some vicious elbows or hammer fists. My brother is a member of Minotaur Gym who are hosting the night and he is lucky enough (his words) to spar with some of the talented fighters on show. I fully plan to act as manly as possible by drinking a skin load of beer, swearing, watching violence, pestering my wife for sex when I get home drunk and then enjoying a hang over on Father's Day.


Next up is some punk rock served loud, raw and even acoustic. I will be at the famous 100 Club in London as part of the Punk Regeneration Tour to experience the Barb Wire Dolls and Louise Distras. Both are new to me and it was Louise Distras I actually bought the tickets to see. Her acoustic punk is refreshing and misses nothing from not having a band behind her. It's just fortunate that I connect with the sound of the Barb Wire Dolls also (my love of a strong female lead singer), reminds me of Juliette and the Licks somewhat. Also on the bill are GBH and Charred Hearts who I've yet to listen to any material from but will do so very soon.

On the subject of punk rock and gigs I have been trying to see Trash Talk for a year or so and made sure I got tickets to the London leg of their European tour at the Underworld in Camden. As part of the Golf Wang crew this should be an interesting show to say the least. Their stage presence, powerful performance and tendency to stage dive makes for high expectations. Catch them on YouTube to get a taste of what I mean.


What will be my fourth but the convention's ninth year, I will be attending the International London Tattoo Convention at the Dockyards. This year I hope to get to spend an entire day and night seeing the music acts as well as other entertainment. Ok the Miss Pinup UK Competition 2013 and burlesque shows by Elegy Ellem and Beatrix Von Bourbon. There I said it, happy now?


One act just announced will be an acoustic set by Huey Morgan (formerly of the Fun Loving Criminals) and he will be joined by two members of Huey and The New Yorkers, his current band. I've been following Huey on Twitter and BBC6 digital radio and it's awesome that I will be able to see him perform live. You don't get much cooler than this dude.

I have been blessed enough to get to sit with outstanding tattoo artist Chuey Quintanar in previous years, but this year I plan on seeing more artists and booths and possibly getting some new ideas for future work. I've not yet bought tickets as I am waiting to see which day might prove to be the best as I won't be able to spend all three though you'd struggle to see everything and experience all the convention has to offer. Also looking forward to an enormous burrito (or two) and some Sailor Jerry rum. Yummy!


In addition to the above I also have some family events of note, such as attending a school sports day, a ballet performance, a week away in Somerset with the other Boswells joining us (there will be a hot tub!) and finishing the year off with a family trip to the USA for ten days over Christmas and NYE.

All of this has me very excited, and I can't even imagine what could yet come up and be added to the diary. I hope to see some of you at any or all the above, give me a shout if you are going to be around and we can grab a beer (or three). Peace.