746INDASTREETS.COM: London Calling

In case you didn't know, the internet isn't just about searching for boobs any more (of course they are still there if you want to find them).

Social Media connects people with similar tastes and experiences who otherwise may not have had the chance to 'meet-up'.

Through my interest in all things SA and CA I came across the guys from 746INDASTREETS.

It's been my pleasure to find out more about their movement and I hope to do what I can to extend their reach to London and beyond.

When something works and represents good, there really are no boundaries. I asked Jason for a brief explanation of what they are all about:

"746 INDASTREETS founded by Raul G. Orozco and Jason McCliman is a street movement clothing line representing any and all street movements.746 stands for 7 days a week, 4 cities, 6 sales. That is our daily grind and weekly goal. Everyday hitting four cities trying to make six sales. INDASTREETS because we are not industry, we're indastreets.
 We actually go out and support artists' performances, go to skate competitions, personally support all talent in our general area with hopes of traveling to support all talent in other areas that needs that support. FULLTIME STRUGGLE OVERTIME HUSTLE is our motto/mantra, it's our words we live by. Nowadays a 9 to 5 job is not enough, that's the fulltime struggle. 
 Everyone must now have a side talent or other ways to make ends meet just to survive, that's the overtime hustle. We think most can relate to that.This is who we are, support our movement if your feeling that your feeling us. 746indastreets.com thanks you."

This is just one of what I hope will be many small awareness projects across London this summer. I've got ideas so keep your eyes peeled and grab a flier!

Follow the guys on Facebook and Twitter and get yourself involved if you're local, national or international. Jason and Raul are approachable, professional and making big moves.

I'll leave this post with the latest video by babylak called "Fire Hot", better tell somebody!

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