Cursed Male / Cursed Female

If you didn't already know of my love for rock & roll, tattoos and my wife then just leave. Go. Get out of here now.

We took a day off work to spend some quality time together, at the always impressive Immortal Ink studio in Chelmsford.

My wife has spent many an hour there under the awesome needle of Lianne Moule, and today we were both the canvas for her equally amazing sister Leah Moule. Tattoo TV says of Leah -

Ms. Moule is a custom tattooist with a very strong signature style and a love of bright colour, new school and neo old school pieces. 

Leah is owner of Spear Tattoo studio in Birmingham. She does guest spots at Immortal Ink, usually around the time of the Essex Tattoo Expo, and we saw our chance to get on the table.

I've spent quite a long time thinking about this piece, the idea has stuck with me and never waned. I hadn't quite put together how it would be translated onto my skin though. Knowing my wife was having her rib piece started by Leah I took a much closer look at her work and starting to toy with the idea of the devil head logo below -

Cheeky fella ain't he. But really this isn't Leah's style and would have done absolutely nothing for her, or me, in the end. And then things just fell into place. Why go for part of what it is I have been wanting, when I can go for all of it. What better way that to make it original and get to experience the talent of the artist. Full on or nothing. Thankfully Leah (and Spud) agreed and it was set. The piece is an interpretation of the cover art of Porno For Pyros' self titled debut.

I really did not want to steal my wife's thunder (and as it happens that would have been impossible, wait and see) and so I felt a little guilt along with the excitement. As the day approached however this turned to pure excitement and anticipation of spending the day in as comfortable an atmosphere that could be felt, with the one I love the most. OK it's not everyone's idea of romance, but we're not everyone and in fact we don't care. Our friends and peers know what's good, and look how happy we are.

Couples that tattoo and get tattooed together, stay together. That must be true. Mustn't it? Just ask Lee & Syd, Lianne & Jason, Leah & Spud and that's just the tattoo artist couples we know personally.

Wifey was first up. Turned out a much bigger piece that I had envisioned, and I think I can say she felt the same. However the picture was perfect and exactly what she wanted. Fast forward to two hours of outline followed by an hour of colour (throw in some blood) and she's all done. For now. Probably close to six hours left to finish it. It's freakin' outstanding, already. I can't begin to fathom it's greatness once it's complete. As the wife might say, I'm feeling well jell.

Laurasaurus76 will blog a video I captured of some stages of the session at MUSINGSOFABAKEAHOLIC (snappy title huh) so head over and enjoy, after you finish reading this.

We popped out for a quick Burger King between sittings and then I was up to bat. I was down for three hours of work, and really after two I was done for the day. The old cliché "That's never happened to me before" or "I was just really excited" may fit here. Honestly I didn't enjoy all that much of having this done. I always get some enjoyment out of a sitting, always. Well OK not my chest, that sucked. But really I expected more from this, and all I got was a great start to an piece dedicated to a band I love. What a moaner!

We'll take a trip up to Birmingham, hopefully in June, for Leah to finish mine and continue on wifey. I'll be up first to get it done and then the pair of them can see how much pain the wife can take. Should be interesting. I've seen her at a few sittings now, she is a soldier. Way way tougher than me. And without the sick enjoyment I get from it. Ha!

I leave you with a very brief glimpse of the piece, I'm not one to post up partially finished work all that often. You'll just have to wait, like me, for the outcome. Big big big thank you to Leah. Thank you for bringing the pain and beauty. Thanks also to Lianne, Jason and Jasmine at Immortal Ink. It was a pleasure to spend the time at the studio, watch great artists working and be taken care of.

(PS I really wanted to take home that Tribal deck with artwork by Steve Soto! Dope!)

And finally, much love to Perry, Peter, Stephen and Martyn of Porno For Pyros. This is for you. Peace.

(play with sound, LOUD)