Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White (t-shirts)

I love this song by The Standells, and the version by Minor Threat especially. Oh yeah, there are a few versions done by a few different bands. I'm liking this one by the Vaccines -

I'm sure I've used this title for a blog post before, so I added the (t-shirts) and hey presto......

Soul Assassins Spring 12


Available from MERCHMETHOD.COM.

Cypress Forever, Forever Cypress - Sen Dog

Available from LITERATES.

Trans Band Tee

Trans Band Mens Tee

Available from FAMOUSSAS.COM 

00002 Bat (blk) Biker Girl (blk)
Latisha Queen (blk)

Available from TRIBALGEAR.COM

PS I'm still reeling from losing over 6 hours of work on my part 2 and 3 of Tattoo-thousand & 12 blog posts. I gotta get back in the right frame of mind before I can try and salvage something from that. In the mean time retail therapy always helps.

I'm very happy to say I am the proud owner of two of the above t-shirts, just waiting for the mail man to deliver.