Wish Upon A Dog Star *updated*

With both my birthday and Christmas on the horizon, I have been keeping an eye out for cool shit. Not like I need an excuse for that of course. As you know I'm a big fan of liking things but never actually getting them. It's lasting appreciation over the temporary satisfaction of physically owning something. We've been over this before. It doesn't always work with everything.

However there are a few existing items on my list gathering dust, and a couple new additions I would actually love to have. Firstly because they are particularly bad ass, but also importantly because they have links to good people.

With a trip to the USA only sixty days away it would be foolish to spend any money on myself right now, I know this, but should the opportunity arise (like I manage to sell some shit on eBay) or even better should anyone wish to treat me, below is my list of awesomeness to keep close at hand.





Pendleton x Nike 2013 Holiday N7 Collection Blanket


1978 FIREBIRD TRANS AM - by Pontiac


There will be something I am treating myself to for my birthday, but it is not something I can talk about. Other than that I just hope the above stay available for some time so as I can get a chance to pick them up.

I also have something to look forward to picking up when we visit my brother in Dallas, he's had this on ice for me for some months now. Can't wait to bring it back with me.

Other than that life is good and I'm pretty freaking happy. I saw Everlast last week at Bush Hall (London) with my best bud Mel. As usual he was amazing, I can't say enough about how he's influenced me and just how much admiration I have for the man. Go get his latest album The Life Acoustic.

I've got an idea for a personal project I wish to start and I have a few people I want to send some questions to for the blog. Also trying to get an old pal interested in writing again and maybe using the blog as somewhere to showcase his film making abilities as well as his words.

It's nice to have bits and pieces to work on and I hope to bring you something fresh and entertaining, always.

Off to see an exhibition this week entitled BRUTAL showcasing work from some great artists including Estevan Oriol.

BRUTAL will explore the brutality of the times we live in, how this is reflected in the objects around us and our perception of the world. With a chilling new central London location for this year's creative carnage, the roster of artists are set to produce their most brutal works to date, incorporating installation, sculpture and film bigger and bolder than ever before.

Hoping I can get some good photos and perhaps offer a re-cap here. Until then, enjoy the video that inspired the title of this post, Wish Upon A Dog Star by Satellite Party. Peace.


*Updated to add the blanket as seen on Hypebeast this morning! 23.10.2013