Catch Up

"To bring an activity to completion or to a state of currentness"

There has been a number of worthy events in the last couple of months. Here's my two cents on just a couple or three -

Presidential debates, or rather popularity contests. The reason I say that is my understanding of politics is minimal due to not really feeling I need to know the finer details. I get by generalising when it comes to political parties as I believe the task is the same for all and the result is the only way we can judge. So really for me the debates are between the President and his achievements and failings compared to someone with nothing but words and promises to offer, making it not about who did what but who we like the most at this moment in time. Also I question if four years is anywhere near enough time to make anything happen that would ensure a second term. I do feel its pointless it being so public, televised and costly for these campaigns. People who vote are capable of reading the details and making a decision. Those (like myself) who instead choose to make informed decisions in hindsight can suck it up keep their feelings on the Internet, for example. Really this election was about two candidates only, Jay Z and Kid Rock. Jay rapped "99 problems and a Mitt ain't one" in support of Obama. I really wish Kid had done "You never met a motherfucker quite like Romney" but sadly it didn't happen.

*SPOILER ALERT Obama was victorious and will spend a further four years in charge. Best of luck to him and let's hope he is given the backing and support required to continue to make a difference in and for America.

Racism in football (soccer) is in the headlines after some despicable chants and abuse during the England under 21 game against Serbia. The Serbian FA and their behaviour in the aftermath has been as disgusting. I don't for a moment think UEFA will grow a pair and do what's right and ban the
team from at least the World Cup to make an example. It seems where cycling has been outed as emphatically corrupt during the last couple of decades yet promising to clean up, football remains so and shows no sign of change. Money runs football and I feel hardly requires grass root supporters in this day and age and leaves me feeling very alienated from the club I follow. I say follow and not support as I am unable to purchase match day tickets or renew jerseys every season. I feel nothing but unease at how things are currently and need to drastically change my expectations in order to keep my blood pressure down and heart ache to a minimum. #Gooners #COYG

The USADA have gotten their way and crucified Lance Armstrong resulting in the ICI revoking his seven Tour de France victories. Instead those will show as having no winners, and all because doping was so prominent that no one can be justly awarded the wins. Regardless of how the entire affair makes you view Lance Armstrong, bear in mind he is one man flawed like all of us and yet no one can take away the good he has done through his foundation. Without the charity organisations and foundations, stories of outstanding achievements and miracles where would our already decaying society be? In a world lacking humanity in so many areas to persecute a single man in a sport rife with corruption including the failings of the governing bodies and over shadow his work for fellow cancer survivors if saddening. Is the reputation of cycling, and sport in general more important to our lives than the works of those like Lance? He used the wealth earned and his place in the public eye to do good for mankind. Personally, for this and for the things we do not know I forgive him. He lied, he cheated, don't take it personal. If you do why and how has it damaged your life exactly? Through him many did good deeds and continue to do so. "It's not about the bike"

I started this post around a month ago and never felt it was ready for publishing. During this time the East Coast of America experienced Super-Storm Sandy. The destruction and loss of amenities continues to cause suffering and my thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected. Much love to those making efforts to help and offer their support both financially and spiritually. Shout out to Mishka for offering this relief t-shirt as a way to help -

I have a grip of NY peoples, almost all of which I've only ever caught up with online, that I hold dear to my heart. I was blessed to hang out with one such dude who visited London for a week and it really brought the situation to life. Once again I pray for normality to resume and happiness and prosperity for everyone.

Right that's all you get for now. I'm working on a more in depth football related post, and still trying to find the best way to accurately express my feelings about the most important topic I can think of, Respect.

I apologise to both you and myself for my virtual absence, and promise not to keep you much longer. It will soon be the end of the year and a recap will be in order. Peace.