Samurai Cord Bracelet by Dec0eight - Re-UP

"My motivation for this bracelet is to remind ourselves to empower our fight for internal battles." Hiro Endo

Writing this post has been an exercise in procrastination largely because I've not found a way to add shine or elaborate on an already polished and authentic story.

We are fortunate in that nearly every brand worth writing about now comes equipped with a hi res lookbook for its collections based on seasonal themes and accompanied by brand ethos. We've seen these curated in both elaborate and modest measures successfully. Occasionally however we come across a story with deeper, richer historical references that appeal to more than just the consumer in us. The story of the Samurai Cord Bracelet has already been written and I urge you to find out more via the recently revamped Dec0eight website after reading what I hope sparks your interest below. Brace Y'self.

The Samurai Cord Bracelet by Dec0eight is made ​​from traditional Japanese woven cord known as SANADAHIMO. It is created in the spirit of the Legendary Samurai who originally designed it, SANADA YUKIMURA, which history names as the "Number One Warrior In Japan". It was first used as a wrapping for the hilt of the samurai sword. The hand sewn Rokumonsen "The Six Coins" is the SANADA family crest that was used only on the battlefield.

Creator of the bracelet Hiro Endo says "I believe that I am my own biggest ally and my own biggest enemy. My motivation for this bracelet is to remind ourselves to empower our fight for internal battles. I created this “Samurai Ribbon Bracelet” to be worn as a product of charm and blessing for those people who live their lives to the fullest. Also is the hope people will tie meaningful bonds with many others. This strong bond represents the strength of the “SANADAHIMO“."

The bracelets are made in Tokyo using an old school wooden machine, with the rings, buttons and fringes done by hand. The bracelet also comes in an 18k Gold version and the entire collection is available all year round. Each bracelet comes remarkably packaged and includes the story of the Samurai, it almost feels sacrilegious to break the seal. For pricing and shipping info check out the web store HERE.