Rebel8 "Hellaween" Collection

There's a lot to be said about a brand that can still find the time to have a little bit of fun. Rebel8 are particularly adept at this and prove my point with two straightforward graphics on this small three piece collection entitled 'Hellaween'. Consisting of one short sleeve and one long sleeve t-shirt alongside a cap, all depicting a crew of recognizable monsters in typical Mike Giant style. And nothing says Halloween like Black and Orange.

From a UK point of view you could regard the demand for this kind of release as minimal, with Halloween never really achieving the kind of holiday status is has in the States, but older heads should appreciate it having come from a time when anything from the USA was still considered cool in the playground. These are already selling out on so peep the spooky look-book images below and treat yourself before it's too late. Something fun to wear whilst enjoying a bowl of Count Chocula and Frankenberry cereal on the 31st.