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Ye must be born again

  "Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again." John 3:7   My wonderful mother-in-law informed me that it was a year ago today we had our first talk about 'spiritual things'. I can't remember what was said in the hour long chat, but I do remember the reasons I went to her to have the initial discussion.  So it's a year later and I am so very far from that situation having been blessed in so many ways. Due to restrictions caused by Covid-19 I am yet to be baptised, however I am proud to say I have become a member of the PCC  and am eager to serve the church and community. I do still find myself distracted by Worldly things and susceptible to old behaviours, however I do recognise this and am working on it in my daily life. In the course of the year many of the sermons I've watched, and songs I've listened to not only resonated with me but often felt directly aimed at me. One of those (and believe me I could have chosen many!) is Best Friend