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Heavy Going

  Heavy Going by Eric Thompson So it's almost the end of January, and to be honest I've found everything I've done this month to be particularly heavy going.  I did get a great deal accomplished in 2021 despite the obvious roadblocks to 'normal' life and I was certainly feeling exhaustion both mental and physical by the time December and the prospect of time off was around the corner.  Christmas was disrupted again and on top of that disappointment my wife and I both were unwell for a couple weeks each. Not the break either of us wanted however nothing much was lost as no one was seeing anyone so no real plans had to be cancelled. We saw in the new year still feeling lousy and though my wife bounced back, she's unbelievably resilient and possesses superhuman strength, I never felt like I made a full recovery. Not so much in terms of my body but there was still something debilitating that I guess I tried to ignore and power through. As a result everything I did w