Kicks N Canvases

Kicks N Canvases Thurs April 8th - Opening Night

Thanks to my good buddy Wayne I got the heads up about this event this week. The brief looked too good to be true -

Each artist will customize a pair of all white Nike's and produce an 50x50cm piece that compliments the trainers.

There will be 21 artist's at the show, so thats 21 pairs of custom kicks and 21 canvases to check out.

All 42 pieces will be for sale, so get down to the opening night and bag yourself something special.

So it seems I read it wrong and was thinking with my heart and not my head. Although there was one artist working on a pair of sneaks on the night, the rest already had their shoe(s) and canvas finished and on display.

Names that jumped out at me were Insa, Anthony Lister and not forgetting Dickchicken.

Insa blessed us with a trademark canvas, girl's crotch shot and kicks. I believe Anthony Lister's work was stuck in Customs, and Dickchicken, well just have a look.

The gallery is small but the space was well used. Free bar, sweets, and boom-boxes playing Grandmaster Flash cassettes added to the overall b-boy old school graf feel of the night. Nice and diverse crowd, everyone having a good time.

I was with a good bunch of guys, big shout to Wayne, Andy, Gerry and Buddha. Was a brief event but well worth seeing and experiencing.

Oh yes, Goldie was there mean mugging beside his grossly over-priced work, maybe that's not fair, I dunno. He was happy to chat and have his photo taken. Not by me tho. I didn't want to frighten Mel out of his socks by having been that close to the man.

Please excuse the camera phone photos. And in order to get the best out of the shots I thought it best to not re-size them and just link to them. Click below -

Benedict Radcliffe
Dan Baldwin
Disco Teck
Jon Lawrence

I didn't snap everything, but I thought Benedict Radcliffe's works complimented each other the best, however there were some really very original ideas and concepts presented.

If you get a chance, get over to the gallery and take a good look, and if you have the plastic pick up something beautiful and full of street cred. You're kids will thank you for it one day, even if wifey doesn't quite understand it right now.