Friday Freakout

I gotta stop with the stupid day related titles of my posts. After this one.....maybe....

I'll come up with something witty or brilliant again for next time. It's been a hell of a week. So after dinner and two more episodes of SOA Season 1, unwinding and checking my favourite (non nude) cyberhaunts has brought to light the following videos.

Thank you to the always outStAnding and also to for the links.

Oh and this little scenario was laid out for me when I got home from work tonight. Barbie and Snow White. I'm not gonna lie, I headed straight to the fridge and I drained a bottle of Budweiser in one hit. It ain't Vegas but it sure looked like a party to me. Then the wife and kids showed up.

"Hey don't be sad, maybe next time Plastic Tits."

Now I think it's time to call it a night. To some a Friday night means going out. For me, tonight, the only thing going out is the light. Peace.