A Modicum of Summer Madness

Firstly I'd like to apologise to you, and to myself for my lack of posting. This has not been not caused by a lack of shit going on, on the contrary. Since the beginning of the summer we've been preparing to move home, and doing so whilst the kids were off school and work was particularly busy for me. At the end of August I celebrated four years at Vivobarefoot, and we moved out of what's been not just our home for the past ten years, but my wife's family home for nearly forty years. Now the kids are back at school, we're in the new house and it fits us perfectly. 

During this time I've missed some notable opening nights and events (although I did see Cypress Hill and Sturgill Simpson), however this month I will be ramping up my social life once more. Starting tomorrow I will see Mogwai perform live their score to a screening of Mark Cousins’s acclaimed documentary Atomic: Living in Dread and Promise at the Barbican with my buddy Mel. 

As we'll have some time to kill after work before the gig we plan to stop by StolenSpace Gallery to see the new solo show "Trust Your Hands" by artist Will Barras, and possibly swing by the Old Truman Brewery to see (amongst other works) a giant dissected Garfield by Jason Freeny.

Next week I will be making my yearly pilgrimage to the London Tattoo Convention, and Mel will be accompanying me once again. As ever I'm looking forward to seeing the crew from Deer's Eye Studio as well as many other amazing artists, friends and maybe a few alternative models. Be rude not to really. 

Lastly on the agenda is my first time attending the World DMC Championships. I got into turntablism sometime around the early to mid nineties where I became infatuated with Bay Area crew the Invisibl Skratch Piklz. Turntablism was much more underground then but has since garnered commercial success and my love for it has never waned. This year the finals are in London where the Invisibl Skratch Piklz are set to perform. 

I got to see QBert at the Jazz Cafe a couple years ago but seeing the crew especially in the form of the original members QBert, Shortkut and D-Styles is really something off of my bucket list. It's an all day event with so much going on but I'm just not all that interested particularly as I'm going to be there on my own. The Piklz just released their first album The 13th Floor which will make for a great 35 minutes and whatever else they do will be a bonus.

And that's as good a catch up as I've got for now. I have some posts almost ready about more art, music and fashion to follow plus a return to some personal insights into my life. Thanks for sticking in there with me. Peace.