'SHOPLIFTING' A solo show by Lucy Sparrow

"Inspired by the artist's time spent working in a supermarket, Shoplifting takes a look at themes of larceny, including the most frequently robbed items in the UK and the types of people who lift them."

Felt is something I'd only really ever associated with snooker tables and subbuteo pitches. I'd never have expected to be this excited about an exhibition made entirely of felt items and yet that is exactly the case with Shoplifting by Lucy Sparrow. Even more remarkable is that after a bit of research I find her previous works The CornershopMadame Roxy’s Erotic Emporium and Warmongery just as fascinating if not more so. But I missed those so I'm eager to see this one in the flesh, or rather the felt.

The British artist's work has been described as quirky yet subversive, luring the audience in with her soft, tactile, colourful felt creations before hitting them hard with her comment on serious subjects. I'm considerably out of my depth here so please do read the official press stuff below -

Take a trip away from the banality of every day life and treat yourself to the ultimate adrenaline rush, as felt sculpture artist Lucy Sparrow unveils a criminally good exhibition at London’s Lawrence Alkin Gallery.
Punters (honest and otherwise) can expect to see rooms overflowing with temptation – with new pieces in perspex frames and cabinets stuffed with hand-crafted felt items to tempt all types of people looking for a five finger discount, i.e everyone. Shoplifting is a collection of works that focus the spotlight on one of the most common everyday criminal acts. Inspired by the artist’s time spent working in a supermarket, this show takes a humorous look at themes of larceny including the most frequently robbed items in the UK and the types of people who lift them.

I will be in China next week and miss opening night, but will most definitely make it to the show before the end of the month. For my Stateside buddies keep an eye out as Lucy will unveil her largest public installation to date with her New York Convenience Store. Read about it and the Kickstarter campaign that made it possible via the link.