"Whatchu' Talkin' 'Bout Wednesday" - Stylecreep + SRM

With so many quality online retailers in both the lifestyle and street-wear fields it's not easy to pick a favourite, but I have. Stylecreep have topped my list for some time now and whilst the appearance of the site isn't as ostentatious as some, it's usability, carefully refined brand list and customer service give it the edge over it's contemporaries.

In addition to the above qualities, their social output through Instagram and newsletters is exceptional and often feels personally tailored to my interests. I'm also a big fan of their support of new brands such as the West London based design collective Standard Reference Materials.

"SRM is a print shop specialising in high quality digital printing. We've worked with them to curate a selection of staple products that compliment our brand selection, but without the costs of garment re-branding and packaging. This does not affect quality. Majority of SRM tees are premium ringspun jerseys and highly detailed graphics unavailable through standard screen printing techniques. Print runs are in limited quantities."

It was Rebel Yüth who first put me onto the brand, having done a handful of t-shirt designs for them that he thought I'd appreciate, and he was right. Since then I've followed and supported where possible mainly through some remarkable offers and sales. My spending power has decreased markedly so if I'm pulling the trigger it's a measured and responsible purchase.

My first was the Storm Skull printed on a Fuct t-shirt. Since then they've released a number of iconic and anomalous prints alongside new work by Rebel Yüth. Cards on the table, I found the quality of the t-shirts has varied, the Russell Athletic or branded options fared better than non labelled, particularly after a wash. But that's my own personal preference. I'm told that since the first wave of prints the quality has improved greatly and I will soon be able to testify to that following yet another egg-strodinary* offer from Stylecreep.

The site is offering 35% off all SRM tees until the 18th April. With the pricing already very reasonable, there can be little argument over the decision to snap up a couple or five. My favourites are below.

I will follow up this post with an email to the guys at SRM, cap in hand asking for the chance of an interview over a coffee or pint. Something I've been meaning to do for what seems like ages. If we can arrange it for when Johnny is in town that would be even better. 

Stylecreep are offering a number of discounts across the site in their *Easter Egg Hunt so why not treat yourselves to something other than chocolate and hot cross buns. I believe it was Jesus himself who said "Nothing tastes as good as a new t-shirt feels", or at least that was my interpretation.