Stranger Things 2

The kids from Hawkins are back in Season Two of the Netflix original Stranger Things. To celebrate this the guys at Stylecreep are offering an additional 10% off with the coupon "STRANGER". They also enlisted UK artist Rebel Yüth to illustrate a look book featuring a multitude of brands worn by the cast. Though I wish he had put Will Byers in flannel, would have been perfect.

Following on from my post on tartan I felt it would be iniquitous to not do a feature on flannel. And despite the fact that it was 20 degrees earlier this week, layering season is upon us. Originating from Wales in the 17th century and worn mainly by farmers and blue-collar workers, it came to be adopted by alternative music fans in the 90s and is a present day staple in both luxury fashion and street wear. The fabric is interwoven between subcultures and genres and it continues to be a favourite of artists, outdoors men, cholos, hipsters and hypebeasts alike. 

Whilst there are many great options available the guys at Stylecreep are having a sale on DickiesThe Dickies brand is synonymous with quality work wear and the styles available are Cooperstown, Ivyland, Meadville, New Hope, and Parkesburg. My favourites are displayed below, but your pick of flannels might be different so go have a look at the selection on the site and take advantage of the discounted prices. 

Highly versatile and always on trend this is arguably the fabric of the past, present and future. There have been many abassadors of flannel over the past couple of decades across grunge rockers, gangster rappers and predatory fashion photographers but the undeniable king of flannel is WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley. HAVE A NICE DAY! 🙂