Fast And Furious By Chris Brand

Fast And Furious By Chris Brand Part Of The Saga Continues - Wutang RUN # 01978c

If you've mistakenly clicked on this post hoping to read about the film franchise then you will be disappointed. This is about a piece by multidisciplinary artist and UGLARworks member Christopher Brand.

I was introduced to Chris a few years back during a trip to LA, and remember being told at the time to keep an eye on his work. His tattooing, fine art and murals have garnered him the highest admiration from his peers and fans alike. He shares a studio in Los Angeles with Evan Skrederstu. I was fortunate enough to catch up with Evan on a recent trip to LA but more on that in another post.

After having seen RZA and Mathematics at Rough Trade I was intrigued by the news of a related exhibition at Miami Art Basel for the "Wu-Tang:The Saga Continues" album. Even more so when I saw that Chris was not only doing a piece but also putting up a mural. 

Progress clip from Chris' Instragram page

This week I received the newsletter announcing that the artwork from the show was now available from 1xRun.  
Produced by Mathematics and Executive Produced by RZA "Wu-Tang:The Saga Continues" is the first release under the 36 Chambers ALC. With The Wu-Tang Clan's music having long-served as an inspiration for artists over the past 24 years, it was only fitting to create a visual representation for the project. 36 Chambers ALC teamed up with Studio Invcbl to curate a new painting for each of the album's songs.

Presented for the first time during Miami Art Week 2017, this exhibition features new works from Aaron "Woes" Martin, Jose Mertz, Lauren YS, Dragon76, Baghead, Chris Brand, Abstrk, Reinier Gamboa, Eric Bonhomme, Mwanel Pierre Louis and Verse...

The piece by Chris perfectly captures the mystique and mythology of an ancient martial arts battle, even if the songs lyrics are related to drug running and shootouts. Fast And Furious will cost you a cool 3 gs but considering it's a 1-of-1 by the artist, and affiliated with the legendary rap crew the price tag shouldn't deter the right fan or a collector of Japanese art. 

Visit 1xRun to see the rest of the collection whilst there is still time.