Anonymous by Miaz Brothers

Anonymous by Miaz Brothers at Lazinc Sackville
16 March - 21 April 2018

It is an exercise for the inner spirit; a flexible experience of stretching the awareness of what we see and perceive; a stimulation for the consciousness and the limits of our idea of the world and its symbols.” - Miaz Brothers, 2018

I first saw work by the Italian duo the Miaz Brothers at the group show "Still Here, A Decade of Lazarides" and they've been one of my most revered artists since. Tonight they return to Lazinc for their third exhibition; 'Anonymous'. Having missed both their previous shows, 'Dematerialized' and 'Antimatter' I couldn't allow myself to miss another chance of seeing their transcendental portraits in the flesh.

The exhibition is a continuation of the Antimatter Series, keeping the same fundamentals of the series whilst bringing more impression to their subject matter which has not been seen before in their artwork.

Whilst this new series of sixteen works stays true to the Miaz Brothers' unique technique, the artists have also experimented with new bolder brush strokes; the serenity of the work is maintained but with a haunting undertone. The portraits, seemingly out of focus, present a curious cross section of society and their mystery encourages an exploration of the concepts of anonymity. The viewer is compelled to look beyond the canvas and paint and engage with cognitive and visual preconceptions to make sense of these ambiguous paintings.

Honestly the austere method applied to the works makes me somewhat uncomfortable and yet the resulting superlative beauty is inescapable.

I'm shocked to discover that my last visit to Lazarides might very well have been the Golgo exhibition '
FLESH · BLOOD · SUBSTANCE' back in October of 2016. How can that be? Never the less I'm excited about my first visit to the gallery's new Mayfair home and the chance to experience a full body of work by the brothers who are admittedly a Lazinc favourite and justifiably so.