End of 2009, start of 2010

This year has absolutely flown by, so time for a very quick recap.

Some highlights for me were my daughter's 1st birthday, and my son's 3rd birthday.

Both my babies have grown so much and their personalities are absolutely shining through. They're both very loved at their Nursery and making great progress. I'm already so proud of them both, and in turn the achievments of my wife and myself in raising such great little people.

We shared a very stress free Christmas and New Year as a family at home.

Work is going great for me. I got promoted and enjoyed a fantastic Christmas party, with Tommy Hilfiger in attendance. I love travelling to work every day on the train, ipod on blast, and I'm always trying to find ways of over achieving where ever possible in my role.

I've been able to keep in touch with some good buddies from overseas. Shouts to Paul, Ewa, Adam, Anothy, Troy, James and many others. Hope to see some of you very soon.

I was fortunate enough to go to two days of the International London Tattoo Convention, and meet up with one of the coolest dudes on the planet Chuey Quintanar. He worked out a killer tattoo to which I am very proud to wear.

My brother returned safely from his work in the Middle East. I'm proud of you bro and can't wait to see you and your family in a couple of weeks.

My other brother paid me a visit and we really enjoyed his company for the short time we saw him, before and after his hush hush no tales trip to Latvia. No harm done?

Not a highlight but definitely an honourable mention, we lost my Granny Joy, and we miss her dearly.

I grew a beard and have maintained it, to some people's delight, and others' dispair ha ha ha

And just to finish off, my family have been in good health and couldn't be happier.

I'm sure I have missed off lots and lots but I promise I won't have forgotten anything positive that's happened in 2009.

And so to 2010.

More hard work. More time with the family. More exercise. More adventures. Bigger and better ideas. Positivity to rule throughout. These aren't resolutions, no one sticks to those. These are promises, to myself.

I'm off to Virginia and Vegas in just over two weeks and I'm really looking forward to the trip. I will miss my wife and babies very much but Daddy will be home before you know it.

Love to all my family and friends. Much more to come. Hello 2010.