Post Vegas Update

So quickly touching in after having just returned to VA Beach from Vegas. We've spent the entire day travelling, and had a delay, but made it back in one piece.

Vegas. What can I say? It served it's purpose on all levels. We had fun. We enjoyed a beautiful wedding ceremony. We gambled. And best of all we got the F out of there before we lost our minds.

It is just too surreal. And they don't call it Sin City for nothing. 3 days was more than enough for me and I was desperate to get back to reality. Vegas. It's just unbelieveable. You can do anything, at any time. And that my friends is not as good as it sounds.

But back to the plus points. Great hotel. Huge suite. Plenty of friendly staff and taxi drivers (note - saying Thank You rocks their world). And a big thank you to all at Bada Bing who took good care of us on the Tuesday night. The evening definitely started off slow but we soon relaxed and had us a great time. Special thanks to Vinnie Vegas for picking us up and getting us home. To 'Veronica' who I shared an intimate chat with..........about our children. I hope she and Gianno are well, and Gianno's daddy Paul Wall(* edit below). Yes. I know right? You go to try and rock out with your c*ck out and end up talking about at what age your babies started to walk and talk, how much of the alphabet they can say etc. Sexy or what. Add that club to my list of 'friendly' nights out. Didn't need to wear two pairs of pants in the end. Oh well better to be safe than sorry. Oh and after saying I got no enjoyment from gambling, Boots and I played Blackjack at the Hooters casino and I was up $75 on my first try. Then I blew it all. Thank you Boots for confirming that I do not get any enjoyment from gambling. That's not true. It was fun but I hate losing money, even someone elses money.

It was awesome to hang out with my brothers, Trev, Vicky, Jelly and Aymen. I actually hurt my stomach laughing so much with them all over the three days. I'll post some stories when I get a bit more sleep and can think clearer.

Now back to enjoying my time with my nephews, Keith and Bells. One day left. Love to all.

* Apparently research shows Paul has been happily married since 2005 and has a son and a daughter from this marriage. Not so sure about "Veronica's" story now.