California Scents

Sticking with the 'blog subject that makes no sense' theme.

So another weekend is eaten up. And it's also August. 8 months down the line in 2010. We can still say it's summer, so that's good at least, though forcast for tomorrow is light rain and 24°C. Mmm sticky, balmy and wet. Sexy or what? I can't wait to count the number of (I've tried to think of descriptions without the racial slur but can't so bite me) wet backs on the way to work tomorrow. Always a treat.

Today has been a bit like treading water for me. Woke groggy, went back to bed for a top up nap and that just escalated into a migraine. Navigated my way through that mess only to find I'd gone and blown most of the day. Still, got to play games with the kids, no journeys out of the house except to buy Dr Pepper and Skittles. AND I even got to watch the Arsenal on TV. I think we're going to be a surprise to everyone this year, most of all ourselves.

This post is really just a re-cap of events, I'm sorry for that. My brain is still mostly acting as mash potato and frankly I'm surprised I got this far. Note to self, used the word 'surprise' twice in a post, strike that, NOW I have used it twice as the other time I added a 'd'. Dammit. I try and avoid doing that you know. No? Well ok now you do wise ass.

I'm finding this quite an experience if I'm honest. As a reader, or observer is it something that shows? I think it's possibly more of a revelation to myself than most of you. I've never been a big talker. I'm into self storage. And that has not proved to be a good thing. Lots of taped up boxes. Maybe that's why I am so spatially aware and able to find an order of stacking and arranging so that you can always work around the 'pile'? I do believe however that I still have the key, somewhere, and all is not lost. Just need a journey or two back and forth from the land fill. In this family we love to rationalise, physically and mentally. help is always at hand.

I'm going to need to do these a little earlier, I'm beat. Got to shower and brush my teeth still. Someone remind me I need to go to Superdrug tomorrow ok? Got to get my Metrosexual items. If I'm considered to be a certain way because I pay attention to self hygiene and appearance, what on Earth were the men of yore like? I mean I know that Knights would crap in their armour right? How did they score with chicks? Or other dudes? Or with ostriches? What ever. Hey if you Google search ostriches (like if you were ensuring you were spelling it correctly, so that the SGPD* didn't pay you a visit) one of the (I guess) most commonly used search phrases is "ostriches have suicidal tendencies". What? Who the shit would care? Damn smokers and midnight tokers that's who. Space bloody cowboys the lot of them. Get a freakin' job you morons. Stop playing Starcraft 2 all day long......JOKE!

Ramble ramble Titus Bramble, sucks. Really he is dog shit. That's all folks. I love you, I have it all and I'm looking for more. "If god be for us who can be against us". Keep the Faith (Jon Bon got that one right), I know I am.

*SGPD - Spelling and Grammar Police Department. They are ALL over the interweb. Some of your friends may even be informants, or part time deputies.