Memories 6

The Texas Tornado. The Modern Day Warrior. He brought us the Iron Claw. The one, the only, Kerry Von Erich.

The Von Erichs are the most famous family of wrestlers from Texas. I used to love watching these guys, and even caught an live event as a youngster. I remember this sh t in black and white, so it had to be very early in my childhood.

I spent many a Friday night in front of the TV and on the sofa bed, wrestling for the title as my hero The Texas Tornado. Often against my toddler brothers and cousins. I had a 5 year start how could I not win and retain the title right?

Sadly his personal life ended in tragedy. Kerry committed suicide by shooting himself with a 9 millimeter handgun in the chest, at his father's ranch in Denton, Texas, on February 18, 1993. Kerry drove a Jeep over a steep embankment at the time he shot himself.

R.I.P. Kerry Gene Adkisson (February 3, 1960 – February 18, 1993).

Photo : the Von Erich Brothers (Kevin, Kerry and Mike)