The Big One

So, it's been kinda crazy here the last 18hrs.

Its still kinda crazy actually.

Thankfully we were not affected much in Nagoya.  We are about 300km west of Tokyo.  There was a really big and long shake followed but lots of little aftershocks but no damage and everyone I know is safe and well.

Initially my day continued on as normal.  I went to an award ceremony to collect a prize I won for a photo I took.  My mate and I then headed to a friends house where we watched the TV and started to realise how big this actually was.  That was when I phoned my parents to let them know we were all ok.

Of course every tv channel was been covering the disaster and we all we could do was watch as the news of more people found dead came in.  The number is around 1000 people now but that is likely to rise as the clean up continues.

The initial quake actually killed very few people despite its size.  This is mainly thanks to Japan being probably the most prepared country in the world when it comes to earthquakes.  Unfortunately, the tsunami that was created by the quake is almost impossible to protect against and this has claimed most of the lives lost.  There has also been a huge fire caused by the quake in the northern region of Japan.

It's kinda crazy to think this is happening only a few 100 miles away from me and I count myself truly grateful that my family and friends are all safe.

I have been quite moved by all the messages I have received from friends on facebook and twitter and all the people back in England that called my parents to enquire how we were.  It is hugely appreciated.

Thank you