♪♪ Monday, Tuesday...♪♪

Random blog titles FTW!

So this is a mixed and yet completey related post. It is NOT however anything to do with The Fonz.

I spent a lot of yesterday afternoon in a real RAGE, just feeling grumpy and like I wanted to take it out on someone, anyone.

What made it far worse was there was no reason behind it, and to add to it I was even more upset at having become upset for no reason, and not being able to shake it off. Compounding the problem I think it's called. In any case it was bad, bad for my mental health and possibly bad for some poor soul's physical health.

I knew I had a remedy, a band-aid®, something to make the rage go away, even if only temporarily.

So I headed home with this in mind, knowing a change was coming. And promptly got stuck in traffic for 30 mins. Great. Now I was gonna be late getting home to get the kids bathed and ready for bed. Not that it's ever a problem, they have the world's greatest Granny and wouldn't even notice to be honest. But for me it's acutely annoying.

In the 45 mins it took to talk, bathe, brush teeth, tuck in and cuddle the kids I was the personification of 'alright'. No signs of homicidal thoughts or doom and gloom. Daddy was taking care of business. I love my kids and they get the best of me as often as is humanly possible. Even when I'm not feeling all that human.

All tucked up and after a few stalling tactics, of which they are well trained and highly skilled at, it was grey clouds again for me. Ok. Time to change. Not Superman in a phone booth way, but still into a uniform of sorts.

I donned shorts and my Nike­® Airs and set off. Cold, drizzly, dark, what better setting could you ask for. When I run, I take each step as a small victory. When I run I give thanks for all that is good in my life. From the small to the big. Just the ability and time needed to run is a gift, a blessing. I am thankful for that. To say it's spiritual for me is an understatement. I try and attend my own 'church' as often as possible, not just restrict it to a Sunday in a fixed location.

Music - DJ Craze vs. The Beat Junkies "KBPS". A very mellow mixtape(MP3) that allows the mind to wander off, leaving the body to do what it has to. One step at a time. No distractions. Forward, ever forward. Half way into my run I was beyond philisophical, I was understanding myself in new ways and appreciating all that was available to me.

At the half way mark I was human again. Not by any means average either, totally awesome wicked rad again. Me. The Boss.

As I head back retracing my route I was thinking "How can I let the people know of this transformation? How can I give them access to the wonders I have seen?" I mulled over doing a VIDiary, but ruled it out fairly quickly. I'm a man of 'typed' words, not spoken. So here it is. And if you follow me then you know I gotta make it entertaining so i kind of summed it all up as this -

If I don't run, I'm likely to kill somebody. For all you crazies out there, stop beating yourself, stop beating your wife and kids. Lace up your < *enter footwear brand of choice here* > and get out there and BEAT THE STREET. Just Do It©, because if you don't, on my next run I might just find my way to where you live and do the beating myself.

And guess what? That's not even the end of it. There was a BIG FAT cherry on top of this cake. I got home to a Tweet from a GREAT MAN, and have a date set in September for a meet-up and session under the needle.

So much to look forward to, and it's not lost on me, sometimes it's just hard to get the chemical balance right. But I have the antidote, and now so do you. I hope it works as well for you as it does me. Give it a try, at the very least you get super fit and healthy and can go topless in the summer, perhaps show off that ink you got?

Happy Days.