"Whatchu talkin' 'bout Wednesday" #1

♦♦♦New Feature!♦♦♦ I keep meaning to blog on a more regular basis and this might help that.

Just a couple things I've caught online or where ever that sparked my interest and maybe yours too, each and every Wednesday.

News that Stussy will be releasing a Beavis and Butt-Head capsule in November featuring tees and sweatshirts. Details can be found on the likes of Freshness Mag but you're here for my opinion right? I loved Beavis and Butt-Head. I am now almost thrity-six and I would be more than happy to show my love of the show, creator Mike Judge and what MTV used to be about (actual music) by wearing something from this release. Course I would like to actually see the designs but I'm sure previews are just around the corner. I do not want to miss out and be all grumpy later, like I was when I missed the Mr Cartoon Spiderman tee in the Marvel collaboration. Pah!

Next up a London showing of "GIRLS ON BIKES" by INSA. I viewed the clips and recaps of the Hong Kong exhibition with much titilation, and now I can throw on a Mac and go see the work first hand (or hairy palm?). It took me some time to be introduced to the works of INSA and honestly (think I finally pieced it all together at a Fly53 do that I missed out on going to coinciding with a magazine drop he did the cover for) I wasn't quite sure where the fascination with his work layed with me. I'll say that I very much like his vision and the way he transforms the things that we desire in the flesh (pun intended) onto canvas, paper, wall and webpage to name just a few (ok four) mediums. I will also say what's not to like about Neon, Shoes, and Butts? (Heh heh heh I said Butts) To keep me in check I will be taking the wife. I hope she's ready to see some interesting bikes. (What? I had no idea the women would be in thongs! No I most certainly did not sniff the seat! Of course I know it's a photograph!)

And finally, you know I'm very much a supporter of getting girls through college so if buying the 2012 Hooters Swimsuit Calendar helps then sign me up! Last Hooters I visited was in Vegas and there is almost no where better to feed a hangover and watch some sport. Hooters I mean, not Las Vegas, that place is HELL on Earth believe me. #nevergoingback Thank you to KarmaloopTV and Antennamag. Now, where my wings at?

Reminder to self - Rhymesayers Tour coming up on Monday with Evidence, and DJ Muggs at Jamm on the Wednesday. Next week is gonna be big. PEACE.