Aliens vs. Ugly Dinosaurs

Wealth is of the heart and mind and not of the pocket?

Someone might wish to express this notion to our friends Nike and Kanye West. Whilst at it maybe have a word with the artist formally known as Skateboard P, and wether this mantra really warrants being stitched into his highly priced (and in my opinion unimaginative) clothing line.

This past weekend (9th June 2012) saw the much anticipated release of the Nike Air Yeezy II.

I basically have a couple views on this that I want to share with you and hopefully find out how my peers and fellow sneaker enthusiasts feel about it too. My e-buddy @thelifeofsam planted this seed with his article over at So Fraiche and I'd really like to sit, smoke and throw around some ideas some time for a collaborative article with him. Just don't mention my longer second toe...

Now the release of the Nike Air Yeezy I was a pretty special event. It lived up to the hype surrounding the release of a very limited edition shoe designed by and for an entertainer in a field outside of sports, a first for team Swoosh.

This was possibly (I'm not count the Galaxy Foam) the last recognised and validated excuse for camping out for the mere possibility of buying a pair of shoes, for sure in the U at least. People Tweeted, Facebooked and blogged their experiences and it was easy to get caught up in the excitement over what in essence would normally be found on the shelves at a Toys 'R' the late 80s......pretending to be on some space age shit.

My critique there fails to acknowledge any advances or enhancements (other than the air sole - pun not intended) in footwear technology that the shoes may or may not come with. I've not researched the materials nor the actual design. Please feel free to educate me once this is done. So all I can base this on is the look of the shoe, and have rightly done so.

I would like to know is who was this shoe made for? Fans of Kanye? And if so who felt they knew what a fan wanted on there feet? Or as I actually believe did the design come from the out of control, extravagant and egotistical mind (based on the transformation from The Graduation to WTT) of the man himself FOR the man himself? Hey I'm not saying that's wrong or necessarily a bad thing. I'd love to design a sneaker that incorporates all that I love in bygone and existing models and give it some crazy that would normally reside in the darker parts of my psyche, BUT I would not charge £200+ for the privilege to 'be like Mike'*. Of course I mean Ye.

*Side note - the question of are Nike Air Jordan models worthy of their price tag is a whole other ball game (pun intended).

Back to the Yeezy I, this was some crazy alien looking beast of a shoe that had no place on the ball court, questionable place on the streets but was absolutely at home on the big stage. Maybe that was part of the appeal, in addition to owning a piece of Nike history and simply thinking you were a complete baller (in the non literal sense of the word) I suppose.

I wasn't a fan of the shoe which you may have guessed. I like to think anyone who takes the time to get through my drivel is of higher than average intelligence anyway. But I was actually happy for those who paid the 'cost' to get their hands on a pair. The select few e-quaintances who seemed elated for whatever reason be it to have a pair.

I can only assume the motives for going to such lengths and financial costs can be A> God honest love for something, B> pride in having acquired something held in such high esteem and undoubtably difficult to obtain and C> for fun and bragging rights. The wild card in every opinion I have on anything related to fashion is C> for fun and bragging rights. Cannot argue against it, there is simply no point.

So in conclusion of sorts, Nike Air Yeezy I was a brilliantly executed move by all for all it seems, kind of. Sadly it did not end there.

The jersey could have been hung aloft and the model retired but no, Nike decided to give the people what they wanted, I guess. Something even more cray ( I hate that phrase) than before. My naivety says this was not a money making scheme and my brain concurs and here comes the main point of this discussion. Why make this shoe? The only way I will be satisfied with any answer (C> for fun and bragging rights does not count) is if I somehow find out the following -

How many pairs were released to the general public and how did this compare to the first model? What if any money did Nike really make from the retail of these (cold hard cash not in terms of brand awareness etc.)? Who bought these shoes and why, please tell me why (C> for fun and bragging rights most definitely permitted here.)? Any insight or help @gwarizm?

My wife accurately described the Nike Air Yeezy II as 'Ugly dinosaurs'. I love her so much but still would want to be consulted first before she bought me any shoes despite this wonderfully apt terminology used.

Back once again ( it's the incredible...I can't help but sing that after starting a sentence that way) to my e-buddy SamSam and his question of what would you pay for shoes and in particular the Nike Air Yeezy II? My additional question to this would be Why would you buy these shoes? They pale in comparison to the hype, the occasion and the blatant disregard for sanity that came with the release of the Yeezy I. They mimic luxury materials, boast greater support and fit and offer an already done glow in the dark sole, if I am not mistaken. What was the reason behind this shoe and what was stopping both Nike and Kanye from keeping this off the streets and only given to the privileged few celebs and artists such as @BunBTrillOG

Bearing in mind I'm closing in on 40 years old and am always well into my overdraft, perhaps I'm not the best person to ask for or offer an opinion. But there is another point. Is the average fan flush in the wallet and of an age to actually wear these? What sort of job/salary ensures price is not an issue (highest resell cost I've seen to date is £1,500 on eBay) and also allows for street cred? I'm erring on the side of rapper over say solicitor.

I saw a pair of the Nike Air Yeezy II today in the flesh worn by a woman in I'd say her early twenties. She wore them with considerable confidence and what might even be considered a disregard for the apparent hysteria caused by the release just days ago. That most bricks and mortar as well as online stores required you to enter a draw just to win the chance to buy a pair makes her swagger (please stop) that much more enviable, right? I can honestly say I've no idea what her man was rocking. I was of course still appalled by the ugliness of the shoes and really only intrigued by the story behind how and why she got them. Does this mean Nike 1 - Bossman 0? I don't know.

This shoe disappoints, even more than the Nike Air Mag which was excusable on the fact it was padded cell mental to try and make that a real and wearable model. Collectors item yes indeed, not so much the point of the Nike Air Yeezy II.

Another article worth checking out is over at Hypebeast where their poll currently shows more love for the Yeezy II than the Yeezy I.

Please leave your comments and share the link to this post. Peace.

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