Summer Solstice 2012

Summer Solstice - yesterday Wednesday 20th June 2012 marked the longest day of the year. I don't really know much about it, but it may well mark the end of the Summer here in the UK as we are forecast a deluge of storms in the next couple days alone. Put that hose pipe down I say! It's been a pretty weak effort at Summer to be fair, even our almost always annual trip to France was riddled with showers. Anyway, find out more about it by clicking the link, and take a look at this pretty picture why don't ya?

It certainly felt like the longest day between the hours of 09:00 and 17:30. Not even a lunch time pint in the sunshine at my favourite haunt the Shaston Arms could make today pass quicker. The 'missable if you don't know' but 'huge when you do realise' plug on Ganton Street is still adorned in the Union Jack for the Queen's Jubilee, and foot fall outside the Shaston was slow until around 14:00 when we had to head back to work.

Already we've had an eventful week.

I spent Father's Day with my family over at my brother's house in Watford. We had a great day, spent time at the park with the kids, had a killer BBQ thanks to BellzBoz, and raised a glass of Sailor Jerry w/ginger beer to toast being Dads. I wouldn't say we 'celebrate' Father's Day as such, I get all the love and attention I need regularly but the home made cards from the kids are always a treat.

England qualified (somewhat unconvincingly) for the Quarter Finals of the Euros. They face Italy on Sunday 24th June in what I hope will not be a game of defence vs. defence. I'm rooting for the underdog and you never know they may rekindle that spark and go all the way. You never can tell with them these days.

Everyone is going into Sale again, wait, did anyone ever come out of the last one? I've had my eyes on some Nike Air Footscape Free over at Footpatrol but turns out they come a tenner cheaper at Crookedtongues so now just trying to decide whether or not to pull the trigger. Don't really need them despite their immense comfort and sick looking style.

And low and behold another Kate Upton feature on all the fashion sites and blogs as is customary now every 3-5 days it seems. I'm not hating, if she has a good manager she may well be able to retire by the time she turns 21. Sadly the sight of her in bikini sucking an ice lolly has yet to affect me in a neanderthal like, primal lust kind of way as yet.

You can get your rub on, or just enjoy the artistic qualities of the latest GQ shoot done with Terry Richardson right HERE (via GQ). Now, where is that cocoa butter.....(helps relieve something alright!)

*Fortunately my wife gets bored reading my blog posts so there is every chance I may well get away with this bit.

There is an exhibit over at Stolenspace by Usugrow called "Ink Moon" tonight that I would have loved to go to. Sadly it's not going to be possible but I eagerly await any photos or recaps after the event.

And my good friend Mel just pointed out that At Somerset House until the 1st July there is an exhibition entitled "Kokoro: The Art of Horiyoshi III" which looks pretty freaking cool. If at all possible we'll get out butts over there before it ends.

And that about wraps it up, except to say that an opportunity has arisen for me this week that I would love to take. I feel I am in need of a challenge in order to be back at my best, and also to surround myself with good people once again. I think those things have been missing from my life of late and I really hope I'm given a chance to prove myself once again. Watch this space. Peace.