New Date Added - June 7th Koko, Camden

So today I found out I will be seeing these guys on Friday 7th June at KOKO in Camden!

Sam Arojo

Action Bronson

I've been trying to see Bronson for a while now and this is a great surprise and opportunity. You should already know Sam, and if you don't you can check him out here - Camo Socks.

Whilst I don't necessarily feel every track or identify with all the subject matter Bronson spits (I have listened to Well Done, Blue Chips and Rare Chandeliers), the mastery of his flow and stage presence cannot be denied. By far my favourite album has been Rare Chandeliers, with notable guests like Evidence, Mayhem Lauren, Sean Price, Styles P and Roc Marciano, and heavy production by Alchemist.

Koko is a decent venue, and weather should be good for the trip to Camden after work Friday night. Be good to catch up with Sam and let my hair down, so to speak.

Maybe get some good pics and video if the mood takes me, otherwise just get drunk (maybe a lil' high from passive smoking) and rowdy. Either way should be a good night.

This makes five nights out in June for me, I'm getting too old for this! Peace.