♪♪♪ When I was a Yute ♪♪♪

Whilst we are taking a beating from wind and rain, it seems we need a flame thrower to bring in the Summer.

To ensure I don't start suffering from SAD I find myself listening to the first Prodigy album and it's giving me crazy energy and good vibes.

The true mark of a great tracks and remixes. I have a lot of good memories of course from having listened to this and heard it at house parties in my youth, but it still stands strong aside from those. Easily my favourite album from the guys, not that the others didn't include classics too, but this set the benchmark.

If you don't know about the Prodigy, get listening. EDM (really, did there need to be a new name for dance music?) as far as I can tell owes a lot to the early artists paving the way.

Now I need to find some hardcore classics album featuring Moby's "GO", 808 State's "Pacific State" and Altern8's "Activ8". Any suggestions, links and downloads are welcome. All of these are stand out tracks from a time when I was getting into the rave scene without ever actually raving. I appreciated the music far more than the drug scene and glow-sticks that came with it.

Whatever your thoughts on Rave, Jungle, Hardcore, Techno, Dubstep, EDM and so on, music is music. Enjoy it whatever it's labelled and the good will last. Peace.