Ben & Jerry's Limited Edition Winter Flavours

'Tis the season [part 2]

My long time favourite flavour Cherry Garcia, famously named for Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia, is no longer available in tubs in the UK. Although this appears to have happened a couple years ago, I'm only just accepting it. Adding insult to injury the Frozen Yoghurt range looks to have been replaced by a Greek Yoghurt range. I'm sure the guys have their reasons, but a scoop is not nearly enough and I cannot survive on tubs of Phish Food alone. But with Christmas around the corner I'm reminded of the lyrics to Sir Cliff's ode to the holidays 'Mistletoe and Wine' -

A time for giving, a time for getting, A time for forgiving and for forgetting. Christmas is love, Christmas is peace, A time for hating and fighting to cease.

So despite my hurt and disappointment I'm giving the guys another chance to redeem themselves with these limited edition winter flavours. Concocted with warm and cosy nights on the sofa in mind, Minter Wonderland, Cinnamon Buns and Pumpkin Cheesecake add a seasonal touch to their year-round obsession with delicious ice cream. All three are visually appealing however Cinnamon Buns and Pumpkin Cheesecake are truly befitting of the season.

Though pumpkin and cinnamon may not be everyone's cup of tea, particularly here in the UK, my love for them is in my American DNA and these will most certainly be my new favourite flavours as long as they are available or until they come up with an Eggnog version (heavily laced with bourbon).