Friday the 13th at The Circle London

The date is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition, but has been adopted as a day to celebrate within the tattoo community. In recent times a growing number of studios have begun offer customers the chance to mark the date with a special tattoo. Special in that you not only get one of their resident artists to work on you, but also in the symbolic cost of the finished tattoo for just £13. Normally if anyone claiming to be a tattooist doesn't add a zero to the end of that figure followed by the words "per hour" you should probably walk away. A cheap tattoo isn't good, and a good tattoo isn't cheap.

"Tomorrow is FRIDAY 13!!! Don’t forget to bring a valid photo ID with you, £13 worth of new national lottery scratch cards, your manners and patience! No exceptions, no buts and no maybes or cry babies (at The Circle)"

The flier gives you the official details. What you are getting is the chance to sit with one of the extremely talented crew, who in turn will be hoping to win a little beer money at the end of the day. Based in Soho, The Circle offer custom tattoos, laser tattoo removal and lifestyle. The studio's first floor is used as a gallery (Dale Sarok will be exhibiting from the 19th Nov - 23rd Dec) and retail space, whilst the real work is done in the basement. The studio boasts artists whose output over the past twelve months has been nothing short of phenomenal. I've watched the status of the studio grow and it's become one of my favorites despite not having had work done there....yet.