As a personal blog I'm aware that covering the same brands, artists and topics means I run the risk of people losing interest. Still, I pride myself in not resorting to the copy & paste nature of most blogs, but there are times when something is just inexplicably difficult to put into your own words. That's when a well written press release is great, though seeing the same wording across every blog and online store can make the whole thing vapid. Which is why I'm already forty minutes into this NTS - Chris Bress Wicked Show mix and still haven't said anything about the latest winter collection by Creation.

I'll start by saying this brand doesn't get anywhere near the exposure it deserves, despite it being available through renowned online retailers like Hanon, Stylecreep and Goodhood. Seeing as they share many of the same influences with their contemporaries, and are arguably putting out more cutting edge imagery than any other brand in the UK, not enough is being said which for me is contemptible. Timing is very important and their last drop (which came during a highly politically charged time both here and in the USA) was both astute and engaging, I just get the feeling we are all in a better place to receive their latest offering which consists predominantly of collaboration work alongside customary musical influences. 

There's a collaboration with photographer Peter Beste (who's known for capturing underground scenes like Scandinavian Death Metal, Houston Rap and London Grime before they blew up), an exclusive 'Atlas' logo design with the aforementioned London store Goodhood (white available at Goodhood, black through Creation), and the 'Most Stylish Bad Boy' tee done with notorious London DJ Bad Boy BressFor me the salient piece of the collection is the 'Magical Porcini Tee'; a playful fungi twist on Raymond Pettibon's iconic Black Flag 'Butterfly Bars' graphic. 

If you are paying attention you'll see I've used much of the press release written by Emmet, and hope he'll forgive me for cutting it up to fit my narrative. Buy from the full collection here, and grab the last remains of the previous ones before they are gone.