'Daydreaming with UNKLE Present… THE ROAD: SOHO' & ‘This Is the Spot!’

Next week two of my favourite and most frequented London galleries have private viewings, on the same night, that I'm very interested in attending. They are the highly anticipated 'Daydreaming with UNKLE Present… THE ROAD: SOHO' and the debut solo show ‘This Is the Spot!’ by UK female street artist Shuby. Though I expect the turnout at Lazarides to be the more favourable, what with Lavelle's acclaim alongside the other renown artists taking part, Shuby's work at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery promises to be equally gratifying. I imagine the crowds will be as diverse, intriguing and provocative as the exhibitions themselves. Simply put I can't miss either, and neither should you. Both are a stones throw from each other and you can read details about them below. 

James Lavelle will be taking over Lazarides Rathbone with 'Daydreaming with UNKLE Present… THE ROAD: SOHO' this will feature exclusive vinyl releases, a pop-up shop and much more. This is Lazarides' first show of 2017 and will celebrate 25 years of UNKLE and the district of London where the story began; Soho.
“UNKLE has always been a multi-sensory creative project, ranging from genre-defining music to cutting-edge visual art. It therefore feels incredibly fitting to celebrate UNKLE’s past, present and future in Soho, where it all began, with an immersive show at the much-loved Lazarides gallery. The exhibition is a collaboration between a number of very talented artists, presenting everything from paintings, videos, artefacts and film screenings; this is the definitive UNKLE experience. I look forward to welcoming visitors to daydream with us.” - James Lavelle
The show will be one of the most immersive Rathbone has ever seen and will include a new virtual reality installation. James Lavelle plans to reveal the past, present and future joining talented artists, vintage artefacts and a floor dedicated to new UNKLE footage, all of which will be based in Lazarides, Rathbone.

Inspired by movie posters, small ads and tart cards ‘This Is the Spot!’ explores the beginnings of the UK porn industry and its Soho epicentre. From the early 1960s nudist films like 'Take Your Clothes Off And Live!' to sex comedies like 'Can You Keep It Up For A Week?', the show focuses on a unique era in UK cinema.
“I love retro film imagery and Soho, so it was a pleasure and an opportunity to research the history of cinema clubs and the films relating to the area. Having grown up by the seaside loving naughty post cards in the ‘Carry On’ era, sex comedy posters appeal to my sense of humor and cheeky side.” - Shuby
‘This Is the Spot!’ features 18 large silkscreen one-off canvases rendered in a traditional pop art style. Shuby has taken newspaper small ads and blown them up to over a meter wide, enjoying the simplicity and rough nature of the printed matter. In addition to the works on canvas, Shuby has created two editions of five large wall mirrors featuring silkscreen images. One set resembles comical X-Ray Spex, the other are the iconic frames of the inimitable anti porn campaigner Mary Whitehouse, disapprovingly framing scantily dressed ladies.

Get your RSVPs done and I hope to see you next Thursday.