Just when I'm ready to wash my hands of Hip Hop AGAIN, something extraordinary slaps me in the face and brings the love right back. The chin-checker in this instance is Apathy and his latest project "Honkey Kong!".

On the strength of the Peace Connecticut video shown on the Soul Assassins web site I copped the album and I've not been able to get enough ever since.

I'm happy to admit that this album for me is better than Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 by the Beastie Boys. And I f cking love the Beasties, but it just didn't meet any of my expectations. I'm sorry.

Having read many a review I felt this article best says what I would have liked to say -

If you are a fan of hip hop in its truest form, then you will appreciate Apathy’s latest offering, Honkey Kong. Filled with Apathy’s brand of hardcore story telling raps and crazy punch lines as well as guests like Celph Titled, Action Bronson, Xzibit and a few other lyrical heavyweights, Honkey Kong will slap you in the face and make you retire your skinny jeans. With production from Evidence, DJ Premier and Ap himself, this album demands to be played loud and is sure to murder more than a few speakers. Honkey Kong is one of those albums that kids should and will be talking about ten years from now.

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My 2 cents in general however - this album provides real substance and is far more relevant a release than recent offerings people have been going wild over. I'm talking about albums like Goblin (really?) and Watch The Throne (more like What the F ck?). Now of course I'm getting older, yet my tastes have not changed all that much. And I'm so very far from being close minded. I believe my understanding of the game to be accurate still and I still like to listen to new sh t.  But I know it's not just me that feels we've been force fed nonsense for too long. I'm so tired of the radio, the media, trend, hype and not knowing if the exclusive t-shirt accompanies the artists' latest album, or vice versa.

I'm making my iTouch work it's aging balls off listening to this album, and already Honkey Kong feels like it was made just for people like me. I'd like to elaborate further but to be honest I'm not sure how to put this feeling into words. Something I've not experienced often with Hip Hop records.

I'm just putting this out there - Imagine if we turned mainstream and underground on it's head just for 12 months. We'd be a whole different society I know it. We'd make the world a better place.

It almost goes without saying that Apathy's appreciation and support shown for HFCC makes me love this guy even more. But I wanted to say it anyway. Enjoy the videos.