What's the time?

It's time to get ILL!

erm I meant INKED! Well almost anyway.

Wifey bought the tickets to this years International London Tattoo Convention 2011 (ball ache to type) and we're all set! We'll head over on Friday the 23rd to experience Day One like usual.

It's always good to see the artists arriving (fresh faced and not yet hungover) and getting to say 'Hi' before it gets manic. We expect big things from the stalls and hope to catch some of the entertainment before we head home.

The plan is as usual to take as many photographs as possible, make sure we're in a few of them too as that's usually lacking.

Then once again I'll head over on the Sunday as I have the absolute honour of sitting with Chuey Quintanar. Although I originally planned to go into this sitting with an open mind, something has sparked an idea in my head after all. We'll have to wait and see.

We pray for safe trips in for all the artists, and good weather would be a bonus.

Where's that big red freak bus?


Some of our favourite artists attending will be - Chuey Quintanar, Lianne Moule (Immortal Ink), Jose Lopez, Jun Cha, Oliver Peck(er), Dan Smith, Tim Hendricks, Nikko Hurtado, Valerie Vargas, Emiliano Liberatori and Stewart Robson (Frith Street).