† Dark Imagery †

A couple of brands that were on the edge of my peripheral vision have come into full view of late.

First was Bloodbath™ and their collaboration with the Soul Assassins entitled Soulciety.

And now a brand I've caught glimpses of and kept my mind open to - BLVCK SCVLE with their collaborative effort alongside one of the most in demand artists right now Jun Cha.

Having just viewed the below clip via Vouchmag and in addition to a teaser already blogged by Jun himself entitled BLVSPHEMY I'm definitely eager to see more of the Lux Aeterna collection.

Jun as ever can be trusted to create and execute only the finest ideas and imagery.

Having yet to experience any of the BLVCK SCVLE products in person I can only use what I know of Jun's philosophies and ideals to base my assurances on of the quality of this venture.

What Jun says about the belief, commitment and relevance of the classic religious images in modern life is very astute.

"What is it about this imagery that is making me personally invested?"

Still so humble despite his already acquired fame, and dare I say growing legend in the tattoo world.

By looking back, really appreciating and understanding, he is becoming the Future of so much.