Jacket Required

So it's officially Autumn. Here in London that means cold, windy and wet. Occasional sunny spells. All the time, some of the time, whatever, your guess is as good as anybody's.

On my way into work this week I've noticed lots of really nice leather jackets being worn, mostly by women it has to be said, but never the less it's the perfect jacket for the season.

It feels so good being able to wear mine again. I really believe once you've found the perfect jacket, and it's worth waiting for and trying on many, you won't ever need another one again. Take the time, spend the money and you will have no regrets.

I opted for clean and classic look. No studs or patches, black of course. It looks great with everything and is empowering.

You don't need to own a motorcycle or be in a punk/rock band, though both of those would be awesome.

If you are checking this blog out you are probably a bad-ass and have one already. In case you haven't found the perfect one for you yet, keep looking and start saving for that Harley while you are at it. Peace.