It's fairly common knowledge that I worked at Tommy Hilfiger HQ in London for some five plus years. It's lesser known that I modeled for Hilfiger on the side despite not having the good looks, washboard stomach, swimmer's shoulders that you associate with their ad campaigns. OK so I exaggerated a bit, I used to model jeans for the sales appointments when the hired models weren't available. I'm sticking to my claim regardless.

Over the past few weeks I somehow managed to miss not only the launch but any mention of Tommy Jeans, "a Hilfiger Denim capsule collection celebrating the most iconic Tommy Hilfiger styles from the ‘90s".

As intended this takes me back to when I was first fell in love with the brand. Back when I regularly visited the London flagship store in Sloan Square when they had a F1 Ferrari in the foyer. It's also an appreciative nod to the days when hip-hop artists like Grand Puba, TreachRaekwon, Method Man and Snoop Doggy Dogg adopted the brand and who can forget those classic ads featuring TLCAaliyah and Usher.

“The Tommy Jeans collection revisits ‘90s nostalgia and celebrates iconic styles from our archives,” said Tommy Hilfiger. “Reminiscing on the ‘90s reminds me of some incredible memories – from our first collaborations with musicians and celebrities to our continued passion for pop culture. Our Tommy Jeans collection celebrates some of my favorite styles from our early years, updated for a new generation of Tommy fans.”

With the iconic flag logo displayed front and centre and bold Tommy Jeans script Tommy has successfully recreated the image and aura of those heady days but nostalgic as it may be, the capsule falls way short of anything like a real celebration at least with regards to men's items. The women benefit from classic dungarees with logo straps and a bikini alongside the options pictured below which are classed as unisex. Fortunately I do have it on good authority that a more substantial release is pinned for Pre-Spring 2017. 

The capsule is being sold in flagship stores, select accounts and online so is readily available, yet I'm still irked that I missed the initial announcement. One reason for my slight could be the Tommy Jeans campaign features millennial models like Lucky Blue Smith and Hailey Baldwin, neither of which I'd ever heard of. The official press states "Together the duo fuse the collection’s retro look with Hilfiger Denim’s edgy rock-and-roll-inspired aesthetic.

Additionally supporting the campaign is an extensive list of influencers I've also never heard of photographed wearing Tommy Jeans including Suki and Immy Waterhouse, Jourdan Dunn, Caroline Vreeland and Nash Grier, and international bloggers including Shea Marie, Themla Aoyama, BJ Pascual, Caroline Daur, Stefanie Giesinger and Veronika Heilbrunner. So I guess another explanation could just be I'm old and out of touch with the goings on at Hilfiger these days. 

I have already made my amends by reaching out to my contacts at Tommy HQ and utilizing Google. Honestly I've only included all those names for the chance of more hits on the site from, in the man's own words, "a new generation of Tommy fans". 

As mentioned you can pick these up directly from the online store or surprisingly from Urban Outfitters and Topman here in the UK.