Black Lodges can always be relied upon to put out meaningful collaborations with kindred brands, and Steven Vogel has taken care of business once again. Having been drawn to this when I first caught a glimpse a little while back, I very nearly forgot about it which would have been a real downer. 
"Designed back in 2010 for a small run of t-shirts inspired by the Brant Bjork tune of the same song the sentiment behind this illustration still speaks truth to power.
In the same manner that pre-date most creative collaborations, both Allike and Black Lodges talked shit over a few cold ones and the end result you now hold in your hand. "
Though my desire for exclusive and limited items has abated, along with my expendable income, to many it's still a real motivator. The jacket is limited to a 100 pieces worldwide and is available on a first come first serve basis, both in-store and online. 

In addition to Steven being involved as well as a co-sign from the artist who 'ghost inspired' the design (top), it doesn't get much cooler than having Chino from the Deftones rocking your wares (below).

This is the first time I've encountered German retailer Allike, but I've read it offers a contemporary, unique and informed brand mix and a platform and space in which both men and women can find the best of a worldwide-curated selection of goods and furthermore, nurture and promote said influences locally and internationally. 

Yeah OK I literally took that straight off the Press Release because it sounds a shit ton better than just the website is super clean and the brands are appealing.

If you can't make it to the release tomorrow, any remaining jackets will be available online at 00:01 on July 1st. Should you still need convincing even after all that you've read here, just take Steven's advice - "It's just a damn good jacket and one can never have enough black jackets."